Renovating Your Bathroom in Dubuque, Dyersville IA, Galena, IL & Platteville, WI?

Complete your bathroom remodel with custom shower doors

Don't diminish the beauty of your new bathroom by installing off-the-shelf shower doors. Zephyr Aluminum of Dubuque, Iowa can cut custom shower doors to match your bathroom's style.

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Shower doors made for your bathroom

Shower doors made for your bathroom

How far can you personalize your bathroom? You can customize everything about your shower door installation, including the...


  • Size: Get a glass door that fits the dimensions of your custom shower.
  • Hinges: Choose from butt hinges on the side of the door or pivots on the top and bottom of the door.
  • Hardware: With a wide range of metallic finishes, we can match your bathroom's plumbing fixtures perfectly.




We recommend a 3/8-inch clear, tempered glass with polished edges.

Set up a shower door installation in the Dubuque, Dyersville IA, Galena, IL or Platteville, WI area by contacting us today.