Condensation on Your Window? Don't Sweat It.

Work with Dubuque, Dyersville IA, Galena, IL & Platteville, WI's reliable glass repair service

Is a broken or damaged window causing your energy bills to skyrocket? Turn to the most reliable glass repair service in Dubuque, Dyersville IA, Galena, IL & Platteville, WI. Zephyr Aluminum has the parts to repair broken storm windows and torn window screens. We can even repair foggy insulated glass units that have lost their seal.

Schedule glass repair service today by calling 563-588-2036.

Adorn your home with custom mirrors

Adorn your home with custom mirrors

Searching for a sheet mirror for your home? Get exactly what you need from our factory in Dubuque, Iowa. We can create custom mirrors for your...

  • Bathroom: Enjoy a luxurious dressing room in your bathroom by adding a full-length mirror.
  • Workout room: Transform your practice room into a professional-grade gym or dance studio.
  • Dining room: Create an upscale look and a visually larger space with a custom mirror on one dining room wall.

If you want something a little more decorative than our standard seamed edges, you can request a beveled edge. Talk to a member of our staff about the types of custom mirrors you'd like to see in your home.